Smart & Reliable GPS Tracking

Smart & Reliable
GPS Tracking

Real-time Vehicle GPS tracking solutions

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Smartphone GPS Tracking App and Spytrack GPS Tracking Device
Fleet Tracking Systems

Fleet Tracking Systems

Complete Fleet Vehicle Tracking

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Portable GPS Trackers

Portable GPS Trackers

Locate People & Assets

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Vehicle GPS Trackers

Vehicle GPS Trackers

Improve the Safety of Cars

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GPS Tracking Platform Web Software

Locate People, Vehicle & Assets

View the real-time location of vehicle and assets by using GPSLive website on PC, and using GPSLive APP on tablet and smartphones. GPSLive service subscription includes unlimited access to the tracking platform, Apple and Android APPs. The apps display the live location of your assets 24/7 and GPSLive will notify you with a push notification in case a preset alert is triggered.

Smart GPS Tracking Systems

Locate vehicles in just a few seconds with real-time GPS tracking. GPSLive allows you to monitor vehicles, view their past history, analyse driver behaviour and performance, lower fuel expenses by eliminating unnecessary idling, and get notified instantly in case of an emergency. GPSLive APP allows you to access your account without the need for a computer.

Monitor fleet vehicles and monitor drivers with GPSLive. Analyze fleet performance by using Dashboards and print out mileage, driver, vehicle-based reports to improve the efficiency of your Fleet. Cut expenses by optimizing routes, and educate your drivers with better driving habits. Setup at alerts to get notified in case of unauthorized driving or speeding.

View the location of assets travelling overseas or internationally, track every movement of your valuable cargo, unpowered assets and trailers in real-time. Cargo theft is a serious issue that logistics companies face every day. But cargo theft can be prevented and containers can be protected or recovered with the help of GPS tracking devices.

Complete Visitibility of Vehicle & Drivers

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

GPSLive cloud-based GPS Tracking platform stores all of your vehicles’ location and critical data on the cloud for you to access it whenever should you require.

Trip History

Trip History

View the past route history to analyse where and when vehicles have travelled. Previous tracking history is accessible for up to 12 months in the past.

Location & Usage Reports

Mileage & Usage Reports

Create driver or vehicle-based mileage, distance, speed reports to optimize your fleet and improve driver performance, and lower costs.

Dashboards & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics

Explore the most used vehicles, most speeding drivers using Dashboards. Dashboards can be used for visualizing the information about your fleet.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

We offer EU or Global coverage options, our devices will pick up the best signal in 150 countries and there are no extra roaming charges or fees.

Driver Identification

Driver Identification

Optional key fobs (ID tags) allow you to identify which driver is using a vehicle in real-time and thus eliminate un-authorized driving of fleet vehicles.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Locate cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, anything that moves, in real-time using the GPSLive GPS tracking system. We offer hardware, infrastructure, software, and app solutions combined to make sure our customers will be up and running with the system in no-time. We provide unlimited coverage throughout Europe and an option to switch to Global coverage (150 countries) without any roaming fees.

Fleet Management Dashboard

GPSLive software is a tool built for business owners and fleet managers, featuring location tracking, reports, trip history, trip logs as well as Dashboards. Using the dashboards, managers are able to quickly identify how the vehicles have been used in the past, overall fleet performance, distance traveled, and speed. The dashboards provide comprehensive information placed in visual charts for providing information as quickly and accurately as possible.

GPSLive - Telematics Platform

Performance Reports

Performance Reports

GPSLive allows users to generate mileage and driver behavior reports. Usage reports allow businesses to optimize their fleet.

Driver Behavior Management

Find Nearest Vehicles

Find the nearest vehicles to a customer and dispatch the closest driver to eliminate unnecessary fuel usage and driving.

Fuel & Usage Reports

Trip Logging

Trip Log enables business owners to identify business and private uses of vehicles allowing them to distinguish mileage done.

Multi-Satellite Connectivity

Alarms & Notifications

GPSLive allows users to set up alarms to get instantly notified when a vehicle; moves, speeds, enters, or leaves an area.

Providing Tailor-made Solutions for Different Industries in 64 countries

GPS Tracker Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking

Improve the safety of your vehicle with GPS tracking, Make sure your vehicle stays where it is supposed to be at all times.

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Fleet GPS Trackers

Fleet GPS Tracking

Track and Locate fleet vehicles in real-time, 24/7. Organise and dispatch drivers, lower expenses and delivery times.

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Vehicle Tracking System Driver

Driver ID & Behaviour

Prevent un-authorised driving with Driver ID key fobs and manage the behavior of drivers with GPSLive software.

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GPSLive - Mobile App

GPSLive cloud-based GPS Tracking platform stores all of your vehicles’ location and critical data on the cloud for you to access whenever should you require.
GPSLive app allows you to view the previous route history and locations; when and where a vehicle has been in the past.
Analyze fleet performance by using Dashboards and print out mileage, driver, vehicle-based reports to improve the efficiency of your Fleet.
View vehicles on the map, or switch to Google street-view to check the surroundings of a vehicle to quickly assess where a vehicle is.
Get notified instantly by a Push notification on your smartphone about important vehicle events such as moving, speeding, and idling.
GPSLive Mobile App
GPSLive – GPS tracking platform can be used on any web browser on PC, tablet, and smartphones and features a long list of useful functions for enabling fleets to improve productivity.

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