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Real-time Tracking

Track the location of people, vehicle and assets in real-time using nothing but your smartphone.

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Dashboards for analyzing fleet performance, driver behaviour, fuel usage and fuel waste.

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Alerts & Notifications

Set-up Alerts to receive instant push notifications about important vehicle events.

Track the Location of Vehicles

GPSLive Smartphone APP has been completely redesigned to meet our customers’ growing demands and improve the user experience with a brand-new interface, new features, and improved dashboard view. The latest version of our app allows you to locate your vehicles on the map in real-time, adjust tracker settings, set up alarms, and view completed trips.

Manage your tracking devices and access your account on your smartphone with a faster and more user-friendly APP. You will be able to view detailed information about vehicles such as travel distance, route history, event alerts, speed, and the location of your assets.

User-friendly Interface

GPSLive mobile APP provides a modern and user-friendly interface that enables you to gain total control over your devices. Monitoring the location of your tracking devices has never been easier, GPSLive provides an intuitive interface that is designed with simplicity in mind, providing real-time location data, view their travel history, or create an alert to stay notified about significant events.
  • Navigation Menu
  • Quick Access
  • Search vehicles & address

Trip History & Timeline

Our development team works around the clock to provide our customers with a cutting-edge mobile APP. The latest version makes it easier to access your travel history and view your trip information in extensive detail. You can view the travel history of your vehicles and assets for up to 12 months, and analyze each trip individually with the new “Timeline” and “Trips” features, and gain visibility into your fleet using the Dashboards.

  • Trip History
  • Timeline
  • History Playback
Download GPSLive Mobile APP on IOS or Android smartphones to be able to keep an eye on your vehicles using nothing but your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Event Alerts

Set up alerts to stay updated about important events and view the list of your pre-set alerts. The latest version of the GPSLive app improves the Alerts interface to offer you an enhanced user experience to allow you to create alerts with ease. You can create new alerts, activate or deactivate previously created alerts, and delete the preset alerts or modify them to match your requirements.

  • Movement / Stationary Alerts
  • Zone / Route / Location Alerts
Notifications iPhone


View the list of your event notifications on the GPSLive smartphone APP and obtain critical information about your devices. The notifications list is redesigned to display the location of the event on the digital map by tapping on the events from the list. Double-tap on the notification to view its location on the map as well as its address. Notifications are near real-time, allowing you to keep up with your vehicle at all times.
  • Push Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Web Notifications


Fleet driver and vehicle dashboards are available on our smartphone APP to provide valuable information about your fleet, vehicles, drivers, and sensors onboard your tracking devices. You can view your devices’ mileage, work hours, speeding, hours of operation, and much more information visualized in graphical charts, enabling you to assess a whole lot of information about your fleet quickly.
  • Fleet Performance Charts
  • Driver Behaviour Charts
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