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Real-Time Tracking

GPSLive offers tracking systems for cars, vans, and all types of vehicles, the system consists of a tracking device, tracking software, and mobile app as well as coverage in Europe. We don’t only provide GPS trackers, but we offer complete tracking systems that allow you to locate your car, van, motorcycle, or any unpowered assets on the map quickly and easily. You can monitor the movements of your vehicle, or set up alerts to improve the safety of your car at night.

Geo-fence Zones

GPSLive allows you to create geo zones that can be drawn around specific locations on the map. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that trigger an alert every time your vehicle enters or leaves the area. You can set up a geofence zone around your house or your workplace to get instantly notified of any breach through the APP. In addition, Geo-fence zones help businesses to record time spent on work sites.

GPSLive - GPS Tracking Software

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PC & Mac

GPSLive website can be accessed on any personal computer using a web browser.

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GPSLive mobile APP can be used to monitor fleets using an Android or iPad tablet.

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Monitor your car in real-time using GPSLive app, set up alerts to get notified with instant push notifications.

GPSLive – GPS tracking platform can be used on any web browser on PC, tablet, and smartphones and features a long list of useful functions for enabling fleets to improve productivity.

GPS Trackers For All Vehicles Types

Our GPS Trackers are compatible with all vehicle types and can be customized to meet the requirements of our customers.

Web-based Tracking Software

GPSLive is an innovative cloud-based tracking software with state-of-the-art features for monitoring the location of your vehicle and receiving status, speed, driver behaviour data in real-time. Our team is constantly improving our software to match the ever-increasing demands of our customers and the growing transportation industry.

Locate Anything

Fleet Location & Telematics

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View the real-time location of your car on demand.
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View Google real-time traffic data for optimizing your route.
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Set up alerts to get notified of important vehicle events.
Optional coverage and unlimited service in over 150+ countries.
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Get notified if a vehicle is speeding over national speed limits.
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Make better decisions by analyzing the detailed usage reports.
Locate On Mobile

Locate Assets via APP

You don’t need a computer to monitor the location of your vehicle. GPSLive  APP is included with your GPSLive subscription allowing you to keep an eye on your vehicle on your smartphone. A detailed user interface that includes sensor information, map, route history, alarms, and dashboards.

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