Driver Identification for Fleet Management

Whether you serve other businesses or visit consumers directly, customer expectations are higher than ever before. Additional accessories and features make it easier for businesses to assess which driver is driving a car at a given time, and immobilize a vehicle in case of theft.

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Driver Identification

Driver ID Remote

Remote Immobilisation

Driver ID Key

Authorized Driving

Driver Identification

Driver ID feature allows you to identify which employee is driving which car at any given time. The wireless Driver ID fobs link directly to the Vehicle Telematics Unit’s built-in Bluetooth and does not require any additional wiring.

How Driver ID feature works

  • Provide each driver with a BLE Key fob to implement Driver ID easily.
  • GPSLive identifies the driver assigned to the corresponding key fob.
  • Dispatch your drivers and fleet based on information.
Driver ID Vehicle
Driver ID Car

Remote Immobilisation

Immobilize a vehicle remotely using the GPSlive in the event of theft or unauthorized use. The remote engine block (immobilization) feature isolates your vehicle’s engine ignition mechanism, making it almost impossible to start the engine until its unblocked.

Vehicle Telematics Unit’s output simply activates the relay, which in turn disables the starter motor. The remote engine block command can be sent to your vehicle anytime, however, if the vehicle is moving the vehicle will not be immobilized until it comes to a stop first.

Authorized Driving

Control who drives your vehicles with the authorized Driver ID Swipe Tags. Along with our Telematics Unit, a key reader is installed on your vehicle’s dashboard. A unique telematics key fob is associated with each driver, and the driver is required to use the key fob when they start the car, preventing the driver from starting the engine until a valid key fob is scanned.

Driver ID Identification

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