Asset GPS Tracking

Monitor Unpowered Assets 24/7

Businesses shipping out large, portable assets struggle to keep track of their vaşuable asset that doesn’t have a  power source, often these valuable assets travel overseas unsupervised. GPSLive offers battery-powered asset tracking devices, allowing our customers to locate their valuable assets on-demand. With the AT50 asset tracker, you will be able to locate an asset for up to 1-year of battery life.

Track Anything that Moves

In today’s world, millions of shipping containers are being transported from one location to another every single day. Cargo theft is a serious issue that logistics companies face every day. But cargo theft can be prevented; containers can be protected or recovered with the help of GPS tracking devices. We offer small to large businesses a means for monitoring the location of their cargo in real-time.
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Locate and Protect Valuable Assets

The ability to view the location of cargo and assets on-demand gives logistics companies total control and a sense of security. Cargo theft is costing businesses billions of dollars, and this is a reason enough to take precautions to start monitoring asset with the use of GPS tracking technology.

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Real-time Tracking

GPSLive allows you to locate an asset on the map in real-time.
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Usage Reports

GPSLive software provides location, route reports for managers.
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Trip Logging

View previous movements and completed trip logs for up to a year in the past.

Global Coverage

Optional global tracking and coverage without any extra roaming fees.
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Alarms & Notifications

Set up alarms to get instantly notified when a vehicle starts moving.
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Ready-made Solutions

Ready to work right out of the box including hardware, software, and APP.
Waterproof Asset Tracker

Battery Powered GPS Tracking

The AT50 asset tracker has a rugged design that can withstand the harsh conditions it may face during transportations. It can be attached to any metal surface easily and once turned on it will start reporting the location of your assets every 1 to 10 times a day depending on your requirements. Cargo containers travelling overseas or a truck carrying a delivery

AT50 Portable Asset Tracker

AT50 has powerful magnets for easily attaching the tracker to flat metal surfaces. It does not require any wiring or a power source. With the help of powerful energy saving modes it can be set to report it’s location only a few times a day or in case it’s removed or tampered with. The power saving mode enables the AT50 to provide accurate
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