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Remote Sensor Monitoring

Monitor the temperature and humidity levels in trailers to keep an eye on cold chain transportation, 24/7. Remote temperature and humidity monitoring is a necessity for businesses that transport delicate goods over long distances. We provide complete systems compatible with all vehicles, allowing you to track the location of vehicles and monitor temperature levels in real-time.

Reefer Monitoring

GPSLive software allows the managers to set up alerts to receive instant notifications if the temperature drops below a certain level, allowing you to minimize wasted valuable goods due to transportation and refrigeration errors. Take action immediately with the use of the latest GPS tracking and sensor technology to monitor reefer and optimize fleet performance.

Cold Chain Monitoring BLE Sensor Schema

Low Temperature & Humidity Alarms

Get notified instantly in case of; power failure or equipment breakdown by monitoring vehicles in real-time to minimize unnecessary costs.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Low Temperature Treshold

Adjustable low-temperature threshold to get notified instantly if the temperature drops below a certain level.

Cold Chain Monitoring Notification

Instant Notifications

Get notified instantly via SMS, Email or Smartphone notifications in case of an emergency.

Cold Chain Monitoring Humidity

Humidity Monitoring

Measure humidity levels in real-time, and view historical data to analyze your fleet’s performance.

Cold Chain Tracking System

GPS & Refrigerator Monitoring

Rewire Security humidity and temperature monitoring solutions are suitable for all types of vehicles and they can be installed in refrigerated vans, trucks, or trailers within minutes. Have your vehicles fitted with Plug&Play devices and sensors and start tracking the temperature levels of your assets immediately. Monitor the condition of your reefer and any fluctuations in temperature will trigger an alert that will allow you to interfere within minutes.

Ensure Food Safety

Food and beverage delivery services, pharmaceutical companies, or businesses that require constant monitoring of temperature and humidity can benefit from our systems to prevent product deterioration. Monitoring the condition of valuable cold food and beverage assets will give fleet managers great pieces of mind and eliminate wasted goods.

Cold Chain Monitoring Reefer

Location and Sensor Tracking

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View the location of your fleet in real-time, 24/7.
Fleet Page Thermometer
Record a log of historical heat & humidity data.
Fleet Page Bonnet
Prevent refrigerator failures with real-time alerts.
Cold Chain Monitoring Vegetable
Ensure food quality during transportation of goods.
Cold Chain Monitoring Gear
Quick, wireless installation, no IT integration required.
Cold Chain Monitoring Visibility
Gain visibility into the location and condition of your fleet.

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